Here at Finlabs, we’ve coined a phrase that we use to describe a key factor in the dynamic of our team and how we work with our clients. "In-house Outsourced". But what exactly does it mean? What are the key principles behind it? Let me help you to understand how we bring this statement to life at Finlabs and how we think everyone can benefit from this model.

Finlabs is a company that has been born out of a variety of experiences and learning. Not just the development of skills and knowledge. But deep observations into what makes teams tick, how they work together most effectively, and how this team dynamic is often noticeably different between in-house teams and the teams built at agencies to be engaged as an outsourced resource. We’ve collectively sat on both sides of that fence and as a result, identified the pros and cons of both, and work to maximize the pros.


Organizational structure


When we look at the in-house team dynamic they are usually far more ingrained in the day-to-day of a product or service that is being developed. More often than not they are focused on a single product or feature of a product, and their daily work revolves around the continued success of that project. These teams usually meld together differing roles and have a better sense of the overall business objectives of a project. In-house teams, and their projects, constantly evolve and grow but stay within the confines of their projects world. This gives them more of a laser focus on the task at hand. As a result, In-house team members are often far more invested in the success of the project they are working on. This team dynamic forms the backbone of “Startup” mentality. And this is also becoming more apparent in teams within larger organizations who are starting to shift to a more “Startup” approach which revolves around more agile thinking and process.



Outsourced teams, certainly for software development, don’t generally have the deep ties to projects that we see manifested in an in-house team. In fact, on paper, an outsourced team is often just a checklist of skills to be tapped in to. A bench of resources that can, in theory, form a dream team, but are often viewed as individual resources.

The reason for outsourcing is more the issue we have built our philosophy around at Finlabs. These are factors that are constantly occurring regardless of company size. Generally, the financial cost associated with building an in-house team is too much for a smaller company or startup to handle. Finding the right skilled people. Making sure they can work well together, navigate the egos of staff who want to stamp their authority on what is YOUR product.  Larger companies may have the staff and skills they desire for a project within their current staff. However, we all too commonly see the fact that the existing staff is already too thinly spread to take on yet another major project.

Finlabs can help in either situation. Our team is close-knit and all have a great respect for the knowledge and skills of everyone on our team. We’ve been careful to select team members who wear many hats, not ones solely focused on their own lane and what they need to deliver, Delivery for us is a group effort and everyone will help everyone else succeed. Also key to our team members is an insatiable curiosity. Curiosity to understand our clients. Curiosity to understand their business. And curiosity as to how they can use their knowledge to improve and evolve it.



In addition, we always look to cultivate a more “in-house” dynamic with our clients. We make sure we utilize all the tools that help in-house teams operate and communicate to create a sandbox with our clients that really breaks down the client-vendor relationship barrier. Anyone of our clients can converse with anyone at Finlabs regardless of level. We will always point you to the right person within our ranks to get the answers, help or collaboration you need. We also look to grow a deeper personal connection to our clients. We are here for your success, and we only succeed if you do. We are in this together and we NEED to be as close as we can be at all times and barriers and boundaries are not an option.

So that hopefully explains some of the thinking behind our “In-house Outsourced” mantra. In short, we see all the benefits of better communication, investment in projects, and an inherent understanding of the business behind a project that you get from in-house teams. Our goal is to offer that level of connection with our clients and cultivate that dynamic as an outsourced team and, over time, build lengthy, ongoing, and mutually successful relationships with our clients regardless of their industry or size.




About the Author:

Dave is Finlabs Creative Cultivator. His career so far has taken him through multimedia, development, design, innovation and ultimately Finlabs. While working within advertising agencies he had lead roles in teams focused on technical innovation and how it can be leveraged as a marketing platform. This led to multiple forward-thinking projects that were showcased at events like Googles Sandbox, and even working on projects recognized in Time Magazine as an Invention of the Year.

At Finlabs his focus is on building the team that can tackle any challenge, look beyond their boundaries, and building the collaborative relationships we desire with our clients.