When I started the development of our TicTok - Productivity Tracker, I immediately faced the question of what libraries should I get. Which ones do the job properly and are robust? Here are my top 5 picks to consider when making an app with React Native.

1. React Native Firebase

I came across the Firebase platform over a year ago and got interested in its capabilities but I never had a chance to dig in and see what it really has to offer. As a one-man dev team, this was more than an easy choice for me to pick up. Solid SDK, authentication API, Firestore database, simple analytics etc.

All good right? Almost. If you are planning to integrate Crashlytics, follow the native SDK setup! This is important to get app registered since it cannot be done with the RN SDK. I had to find this out from official support. So remember to first follow the native SDK installation and setup. After you have forced crashes on both platforms you are good to go changing the implementation to React Native.


2. React Native Navigation

This choice I made purely based on my instinct. Not a bad choice at all. Setup and usage are simple. The documentation is alright. And there is an active development team behind it.

I have nothing bad to say except modals. Most likely the buggiest behavior is deep inside the core architecture of this library where showing and hiding modals may cause your app to jam. This led me to force iOS platform to have timed handling of modals, which is terrible, but there is no turning back anymore. The good news is that v2 is under development which hopefully will fix these issues.😁 I am looking forward to getting my hands on that.


3. React Redux

After having my first screens ready, I needed to understand how to handle interaction and the state of the application. This is where Redux comes in. Since it has been widely used in React, the library is very robust and will work without big problems.

For understanding Redux, I highly recommend reading all the tutorials and basics. It took me a while to understand it, but once you do it all makes sense. For the reducers check out


4. Moment

Dates, right? 😰 Thank god we have Moment. This one is a gem. I have absolutely nothing else to say. Use it, endorse it, embrace it.


5. Glamorous Native

Simple issue, simple solution. Glamorous Native does what it says and I have not faced any issues with it. It saved a ton of time and made my components prettier without any headaches. I strongly recommend checking it out 👍🏻

So there we have it ✊🏻. Go check out TicTok - Productivity Tracker out and leave your feedback! We want to make this app especially for YOU. See you next time.




More About TicTok:

TicTok has been developed by Finlabs as an internal tool for the team to monitor and log the hours worked against tasks. By simply nudging the user through periodic push notifications, and asking them to log the tasks and time they have just been engaged in, results in a "set it and forget it" system allowing our users to continue their workflow uninterrupted log accurate timings that can easily be referred back to as needed.





About the Author:

Niko is Finlabs mobile development guru. Working in a team, or as a one-man show, Nikos skills in mobile development are some of the best and fastest around. Niko has strong experience in modern development methods and technologies and has flexed his development muscles at the likes of Nokia and Osuuspankki, where he was a leading member of teams creating global, award-winning products.

On our projects, Niko is often the driving force. His passion to push himself to the edge encourages other team members to push themselves beyond their regular limits.