Ever been in a situation where you notice things are not going your way? You feel afraid to ask for help. You think you are weak. I've been there and here is my observation on how to overcome these situations. Ready?

Just ask.

“But I can do it myself.”
“I don't need help on this.”


You might, you could, but here is a list of things you get by asking:

  1. You show others that you appreciate them and value their input.
  2. You get to hear thinking around a problem from a different angle and level.
  3. You open yourself up to conversations and improve your social skills.
  4. You make your relationship with your colleagues stronger.
  5. You might discover totally new and different approaches on how to solve problems.
  6. You get to verify your own solution.
  7. You learn to listen.
  8. You get answers 😃👍

Sounds pretty good to me. Next time when you are struggling or feeling afraid, think what do I lose by asking. Be strong. Ask.




About the Author:

Niko is Finlabs mobile development guru. Working in a team, or as a one-man show, Nikos skills in mobile development are some of the best and fastest around. Niko has strong experience in modern development methods and technologies and has flexed his development muscles at the likes of Nokia and Osuuspankki, where he was a leading member of teams creating global, award-winning products.

On our projects, Niko is often the driving force. His passion to push himself to the edge encourages other team members to push themselves beyond their regular limits.