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We pride ourselves on staying up to date, and up to speed on the latest and greatest technology and development tools to maximize our possibilities and speed.

React Native
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Dynamo DB

Client Testimonials

We really needed a partner to help us bring our vision to life. One that could run with us on the vision but keep us on track and on time without compromise. That's exactly what we found in the Finlabs team.

Justin Jugs
Head of Product, Sandata Technologies

They continually went above and beyond to make sure the project stayed on track. We launched the product successfully, on time with next to no critical issues or regressions. I give Finlabs my highest recommendation for the work they did for us at Dosh.

Jason Bender
Engineering Director, Dosh

Working with Finlabs was a seamless experience. Their experts were able to quickly help us in streamlining our data collection and their contribution had a big impact on our business processes.”

Tuulia Nissinen
Director, Customer Experience at Netox

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