Building efficiencies with technology to transform healthcare staffing agencies


How can we speed up shift staffing and management while also reducing operating costs for an agency?

The Care industry relies on care placement agencies to assign shifts to the caregiver workforce for insurance approved clients. Traditionally this had been done utilizing analog agency management systems that required a lot of human interaction. This resulted in huge inefficiencies at agencies where their workforce was spending a large amount of time on the phone. Natural human behaviors also led to agency workers and caregivers forming relationships and alliances that would impact maximizing the caregiver pool within these agencies.




Project Highlights

  • Complete visual and UX design that sets up continued product evolutions and feature expansion.

  • Both iOS and Android apps built native to their respective platform.

  • Developed to seamlessly integrate with the larger platform eco-system.

  • Robust integrations with various existing AMS systems and 3rd party tools to extend functionality.

  • Complex matching algorithm to match caregivers to shifts and minimize costs and travel times.

  • Built on Amazon Web Services for speed, stability, and scalability.


Setting up a Shadow Team

We worked directly with the stakeholders of the CareConnect project to craft and build a team dedicated to the task at hand outside of the noise and confusion of the parent company. This allowed us to limit groupthink and territorial behavior and deeply connect our engagement team to be on the same path with the same objectives and goals.

Definition & Rapid Creation Workshops

We worked directly with our client partners to unpack the problems and challenges that occur in this complex industry. By isolating out distinct critical aspects of the challenge we could ideate around solutions and design and prototype out micro solutions to test and validate.


MVP Design and Delivery

We set the target of designing and delivering a testable version of the CareConnect ecosystem within a 3 month period. This involved the setup and delivery of a fully working scheduler web portal with all the communication hooks to fully functioning caregiver iOS and Android native apps. These "MVP" products were delivered on time and in a form that could immediately be introduced to agencies looking to pilot the platform.



Ongoing Product Support & Evolution

Following the successful implementation in a few pilot agencies, we undertook ongoing testing and research to improve the product platform and extend it through the introduction of additional features and tools to improve the offering to agencies and cover critical time-consuming tasks that commonly occur within all agencies.

Our Contribution


• Product Strategy
• Product Management
• Roadmapping
• User Research & Testing


• Interaction Design
• User Experience Design
• Brand Design
• Rapid Prototyping


• iOS Development
• Android Development
• Technical Architecture Planning
• AI Engineering & Machine Learning
• Cloud Services Technologies
• API Development

Technologies Used


circlesml-Dave Dave Papworth
Finlabs CCO. New York

As a creative, rarely do you get a project that involves undertaking everything from branding to concepting and creating an entire service. For that reason, this project has been hugely complex and challenging, but a satisfying one that has left me very proud of the Finlabs team and my personal part in making it happen.

We really needed a partner to help us bring our vision to life. One that could run with us on the vision but keep us on track and on time without compromise. That's exactly what we found in the Finlabs team.

Justin Jugs. Head of Product at Sandata Technologies

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